‘Do what makes you Happy’

‘Do what makes you Happy’. We hear this a lot these days, especially when scrolling through inspirational quotes on Pinterest. Yes it’s 100% true we should do what makes us happy, why should we do anything which makes us unhappy? However is it always possible to do something which makes us happy all the time? Is it okay just to have a job because we need a job? Should we work in a job which is mediocre because we need the money, even if it doesn’t make us ‘happy’? Holding out hope that one day we will have a job which we love?

Work is such an important thing, yes we do it for the money but we also spent nearly every day of our lives at works, it influences our lives as much as anything else so surely having a job which makes you happy is nearly as important as having a relationship which makes you happy?

However the problem is it’s easier enough to say change your job, do something which makes you happy. But a lot of people don’t know what job or career would make them happy or they could move to their ‘dream job’ and actually hate it more than their current job. Or maybe you can’t get the job you want because your not yet qualified to do your dream job.

When this happens it can all start to feel very suffocating. You want to change but you feel trapped. Trapped in a job which you go to nearly every day can start to make you feel very down, make you feel like not showing up to work even though you need the money.

So how do we get out of this rut? We can’t just up and quit…even though I’m sure this thought has gone through some of our heads.

We make a plan.

We get proactive.

We don’t give up.

We keep hope for the future and for our dream job, because I truly believe that if you look forward to the future, the potential of a better job, it will make the time go quicker. It will make it seem like we are working towards something and not just going towards nothing.

So if any of you are stuck in a job because you can’t afford to not work, or change or relocate or you just don’t know what you want to do then don’t give up hope. Have hope that one day you will ‘ do something which makes you happy’. If you want it enough and you work for it and it will happen.

We will get there, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not even next year but if you keep working towards it, you will get there. Or who knows one day you might even fall in love with the job you already have.

For know lets do more of what makes us happy. Spend more time being happy outside of work then you do being miserable in work.

Good luck for the future and hold on to hope.

Adele’s word


do more





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