Me Time

Me time is so important. Spending time by yourself can be really beneficial, you can truly unwind, relax and sort through your thoughts. The other day I told my friend I was going for coffee, she replied ‘What, by yourself?’ I replied saying ‘Yeah, why?’ She told me how she wouldn’t go for coffee by herself, she would get a takeaway, but she wouldn’t sit in a coffee shop alone. This got me thinking, why do some people find it strange to spend time by themselves? While I was sat in the coffee shop with my vanilla latte I looked around there were lots of people by themselves reading and relaxing, they all looked content.

Recently I’ve begun to understand the importance of me time. Time to stop, think, relax and being able to enjoy your own company. We all need me time, I know sometimes its hard to find the time we all have busy lives but even if its just 5 minutes its so important. Its so good for us all to be by ourselves and more importantly to be happy by ourselves. It doesn’t matter if your single, in a relationship, married etc, we all need me time, just to stop. Sometimes we can be running around so quickly and doing so much for other people that we lose touch of ourselves and all of a sudden being alone can seem scary.

For all of us, sometimes, being alone is scary. Especially if your going through a hard time, having all those thoughts running through your head can just seem to much. But if your distracting yourself all the time because you don’t want to think about theses things it doesn’t make them go away, it just means your putting it off. We need to deal with theses thoughts even if it’s just a little at a time, it is better for you in the long run. Sometimes distracting yourself is good, you just want to forget which is totally fine. But you don’t want theses thoughts to effect your future either.

This is why ‘Me Time’ is so important. Being home, having a bath, relaxing, being in a safe place thinking through your thoughts, does you good in the long run. Try not to overthink, so you worry yourself, get a balance where you work through your thoughts in a beneficial way. Even just clearing your mind of all thoughts can be just as good. If this still seems to hard then just be by yourself but do an activity like going for a walk, listening to music, yoga, reading ect. It’ just important for us to be able to spend time with ourselves and this not to seem odd or strange. Obviously having coffee with your friends is better then by yourself but sometimes its nice doing these things by yourself. Just don’t be afraid to be on your own. The more you do it, the better it is. Your thoughts don’t seem so scary and it’s nice being able to go at your own pace.

This is what I’ve found anyway, we are all different, but for me I found that having me time has helped me overcome some hard times and I feel like I now really know myself, I know what I’m thinking and feeling. I feel happier with myself, both mentally and physically.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you spend your ‘Me Time’ and enjoy it.

Adele’s Word

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2 thoughts on “Me Time

  1. Small Island Thinker says:

    Great post. My ‘me time’ is spent either sitting in my conservatory with a book and the radio or wandering around the town / local country lanes with my camera paying attention to the little things. I quite like the time I get to spend on my own and appreciate it after a busy day

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