Spring has Sprung

Forget the whole ‘new year, new you’ thing. Today is the first day of spring, this is the time for change. Spring is a time of new birth and flowers appearing from the dirt. Lets take this tip from nature and know that we must go through the dirt and darkness to see the light and the happier times which followers and that time is now. This spring holds new opportunities for us all. I personally love this time of the year, everything seems so fresh and new, we can all make a new start. So, if your like me and the new year wasn’t quite as great as everyone makes out, then join me in making the most of spring. Let the sunny morning inspire you and the long evenings encourage you.

I believe this spring is going to be great for us all. I’m going to stay positive and bloom! I have lots to look forward to; I’m starting a new job, I have plans for weekends away and lots of other exciting things. I hope this spring brings around good things for you too. Lets start this spring of by springing into action.I’m feeling motivated and ready to take on the world. Join me and invite spring to help break from the darkness of winter and let’s start to blossom together.

Spring has sprung!

Adele’s Word



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