Finding your Purpose.

Recently I’ve been feeling lost. Unattached from everything. I’m not really sure why I’ve been feeling so lost. I’ve got great friends, family and boyfriend but maybe I was expecting more from life by now. When I was younger I think I thought I would have a house by now and my dream job, without realizing the concept of money and how hard it is to actually get any job, let alone your dream job. I don’t always feel lost, when I’m with my friends I don’t feel lost but maybe this is just because I’m distracted. When I’m at home thinking I become lost. Lost in my own thoughts. Lost in life.

This evening I realized why I feel so lost. I feel lost because I’ve lost sight of my Purpose. I don’t feel like I have a purpose. Of course this isn’t true, we all have a purpose, but I’ve lost sight of mine. I think this would make anyone feel lost. Maybe I identified with my job as being my purpose or going back to university to do my master, but now I don’t have either of these to focus on, I’m left feeling purposeless. No-one should feel like this. We all have purpose. So lets stop and take time to think, what is our purpose?

What are you passionate about? What makes you feel alive, what gets you excited, gets your heart beating, what do you love doing? Maybe its; Make-up, Fashion, Working with children, Reading, People, Caring, meditation, music? It can be anything. For me its helping people, I love knowing I’ve had an impact in someones life and knowing that I have hopefully made their life a little bit better.

So, if we can identify our passion then we can identity our purpose. What we are passionate about is our purpose! It might not seem obvious right now, but if we follow our passions then slowly we will see we are living our lives with purpose. This could mean posting a blog post, going to work, applying for a new job, playing your guitar, becoming a mother. It could be anything. If you do what you love and follow your passion then your life has a purpose. It doesn’t have to be your job, it can be a hobby, it can really be anything. Everyday we need to realize our purpose and get out of bed wanting to carry it out, doing it for ourselves. Don’t lose touch of your passion, as I’ve just experience if you lose touch of your passion than you lose touch of your purpose and that can make you feel very lost. Now I’ve reminded myself of my purpose, its down to me to live it out.

For some it might be harder to identity what your passion is. Just take some time to think in the day, think what makes you excited, what do you love doing? If you’re still having trouble ask you friends and family. You might have more than one passion, your passion and purpose might change over time, which is totally normal. Just remember that feeling of being passionate, that love of something, don’t let feeling go. Build your life around that feeling. As long as you know your purpose, your never feel truly lost.

Adele’s Word.




9 thoughts on “Finding your Purpose.

  1. Bel says:

    It is hard to find your purpose in life sometimes. Everyone is saying “do what makes you happy and the rest will follow..” I was lost too. Perhaps, I still am trying to navigate my way through life. I’m glad you found yours. 🙂

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    • Adele's Word says:

      It can be really hard to find our purpose and our path. Just give yourself time and hopefully one day your feel that passion for something which gets your heart racing and you feel excited about. You have a purpose though, so don’t give up your find it soon. 🙂

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    • BDE Consulting says:

      The beautiful thing about life is that it’s ever-evolving so I’ve learned to look at life as a journey instead of an absolute destination so I can make the necessary adjustments along the way. #BeGreat

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  2. kkeret says:

    Couldn’t agree more ! I share this lost in life moment with you! This is exactly me right now too. I have like everything in life I should need, but still something is missing. Or I’m just expecting for more. I’m on a mission finding my mission 🙂

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  3. Rochyne says:

    Nice post – its tricky when your purpose seems hard to find, or ever changing! Maybe sometimes your purpose needs a bit of work for you to discover that it is your purpose. Or Maybe it changes because something else gets in the way or changes your outlook. Made me think, Thankyou 🙂

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