Coffee Zen

Finding peace within the storm of our lives often comes from the simple things, a walk in the park, a phone call with your best friend, for me it’s a cup of coffee. When I’m feeling sad, stressed, anxious or any other emotion really I know a cup of coffee will make me feel better. I know the process of making a cup of coffee or getting ready to go out for a cup of coffee will make me feel better, take my mind off of things and give me a break even if its just for 5 minutes. It might seem silly, a cup of coffee, but for me coffee is my zen. Coffee is where I find a little bit of peace, coffee helps give me that time to stop and relax.

Next time you’re feeling sad, run down or just like life has got a little bit to much. Stop and think, what normally makes you feel better or a least helps you take your mind off of things? Just a simple action which brings you a little bit of peace. It could be; a bath, a cup of tea, looking through Facebook, reading blogs, or looking through photos of better times. Any of these actions are simple and can help lift your mood instantly when you’re down. All you need is that one thing which can make life feel a little easier. It gives you that get up and go which we all need from time to time.

Coffee is my Zen.

Where do you find your zen?

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